Self Bunded Diesel & Oil Storage Solutions

Siyathembana is in partnership with several EPC, EPCM and Mining companies supplying above ground Self Bunded Diesel & Oil storage solutions. We are also the preferred supplier to several international Oil & Petroleum companies.

We’ve constructed several fuel farms across Africa including Rox Gold and True Gold. We have commissioned a bulk HME / LV / Power Plant Automated Oil Lube solution at B2Gold in Namibia

We ship UL 142 CERTIFIED Self Bunded Above Ground Diesel & Oil tanks globally. Our core strength is in our ability to offer Turn-Key solutions. We supply as per the clients exact requirement whether it’s a 10k liter tank or a fuel farm of 1.5 million liters. Dispensing and receiving pumps are supplied based on the client’s unique requirements. We’ve built several fuel farms across Africa and understand the harsh conditions and challenges that companies face doing business in Africa.

Self Bunded Diesel & Oil Storage Solutions

Our high quality products are a reflection of our integrity and core values

Why consider buying Siyathembana Self Bunded Diesel tanks (SBT’s):

  • Our SBT’s are UL 142 and ULC-S601 approved and complies with local and international regulations
  • Classification Society (CSC Approved)
  • Designed and Manufactured in Accordance with AS1692 and AS1940
  • SBT’s offer an environmentally friendly solution
  • You don’t need bund walls
  • Manufactured from 5mm CORTEN steel, which means your tank can last in excess of 20 years

Tanks primed and painted with Hempadur Zinc 15360/19830 Primer and PU Top Coat 5510C/10000.

  • Can be moved between sites
  • Our SBT’s are modular and could be interconnected.
  • Our SBT’s are available from as small as 2000 liters, up to 100K liters
  • Our tank solutions are customizable to your exact requirement, be it Oil or Diesel
  • Retail - or bulk dispensing solution are available
  • All tanks are fitted with anti-syphon valves – it reduces your potential risk


Full Turn Key Slolution7 SELF BUNDED Bulk Tanks 31,000L supplying Heavy Mining Equipment workshop 4 Hose Reel Stands 1,400 meters piping in HME including Waste Oil. All tanks fully equipped when delivered on site Off-Loading at 300L/M and dispensing at 40L/M



Heavy Mining Equipment Workshop fitted with 7 Hose Reels per Stand and 4 stands in HME Workshop. Hose reel stands complete with Grease pump and stand with hoist to change drums. Used Oil trolley placed at stand connected to Double Diaphragm pump, pumping back to Used Oil Tank (SBT 31,000Lt)

Pit Stop Double Top Up Bay Fuels & Lubricants

Pit Stop Double Top Up Bay Fuels & Lubricants

Designed to fill fuel at 500L/M and lubricants top up from two Hose reel stands at 40L/M and Grease Pump and Stand. Lubricant bulk tanks and pumps fitted into 12 meter container.

Bulk Lubrication Mobile Pump House

Bulk Lubrication Mobile Pump House

Our 12 meter ( 40ft ) Bulk lube oil Mobile Pump House consist of a number of small tanks for different oils equipped with pumps filtration pumping to hose reel stands in your service bay. You have the option of receiving the Mobile Pump House complete with hose reels fitted inside the pump house that all you require on site is to connect your compressed air to it, or we will fit a Compressor for you. The Mobile Lube Oil pump house is transportable by road or sea as it is all equipped into a 12 meter High Cube Container.

Diesel Storage Tanks – Double Stacking

Our SC70 Diesel storage Tanks can be double stacked with modifications on air vents plus you require electronic fuel gauging. The paint is guaranteed for three years under normal conditions.

Mobile Pump house – Diesel

Our 12 meter ( 40ft ) Mobile Pump House is designed for our customers that require a Fuel Farm where tanks are interconnected. You will only require one Mobile Pump House that is equipped with Decanting ( Off-Loading ) pumps with one pump being a spare / Stand-By pump. Dispensing pumps will be the same with one main pump plus Stand By Pump that will include meters for off-loading plus dispensing to enable you to reconcile your stock.

Filtration is fitted on the receiving and dispensing side to ensure you product is clean and meets the standards.
Mobile Pump House is easy transportable by road or sea as it is a standard High Cube container.

Dual Purpose Half Height Diesel Storage Tank

First dual purpose Half Height Diesel Storage Tank (HHT) for Africa

Siyathembana is proud to release the first dual purpose Half Height Diesel Storage Tank (HHT) for Africa.

This Half Height Diesel Storage Tank will be used to take Diesel up a mountain to the Mine in the DRC and then bring Tin down the mountain on the return trip. The product description of HHT is  - JHC-SC13.5-D.

The Half Height Diesel Storage Tank has a:

  • Self Bunded Tank with baffle plates
  • 3.5m3 copartment for the tin, access from the front double doors or from the top removing the cover
  • Nominal safe fill volume of 13 200l
  • Height 1600mm
  • Width 2438mm
  • Length 6058mm (this is the standard footprint of a 6m (20 foot) container and is fitted with standard container “locking mechanisms”        


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