• Based in Johannesburg South Africa
  • Established in 2011
  • A division of Siyathembana Trading 274 (Pty) Ltd
  • Private Equity invested in the business
  • Providing Diesel Storage Tanks (Double Walled) Tanks
  • Concluded agreements with key service providers in December 2010
Johnny Swartz - Managing

Johnny Swartz

Managing Director

Tel:+27 82 768 3327

Coenie Buitendach - Business Development Manager

Coenie Buitendach

Business Development Manager

Tel:+27 83 453 5637

The Managing Director is Johnny Swartz and Shareholders who have in excess of 25 years' experience in the oil industry. He worked at Shell for more than 25 years. Johnny Swartz identified a gap in the Self Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks Market specifically in Africa and has been targeting this business since 2011 .

He negotiated an exclusive supply deal with our manufacturer in China QHC to provide our company and our customers with the latest state of the art Self Bunded Fuel and Lubricants storage tanks.

We have been given exclusive right in Africa to market the tank designs below in various sizes.


Siyathembana have supplied most of the new mines in Burkina and Mali. We Completed Rox Gold, Fakola Mine that partnered with SENET.

Currently building the Endeavour Hounde project 2 Million lit fuel Farm.

In Mali we are Supplying full turn key solution for the Yanfolila Mine as well as B2GOLD.

Siyathembana built first fuel farm for B2Gold mine in Namibia.

Our Engineering Partners (PSDS)

20 Years experience in the oil industry

  • Qualified Engineers
  • Specific expertise in Diesel Storage Tanks and Lube Storage Tanks design and project management

Engineering Provided in terms of the following:

  • Design of Instillations
  • Professional Engineering Services including Survey, Feasibility and Detailing
  • Document Compilation, Drawings, Transmissions


  • Rox gold
  • Fakola Mine
  • Fuel Farm
  • Endeavour Hounde Project - 2 million litre
  • Yanfilila Mine
  • B2GoId Namibia
  • B2Bold Mali
Our Engineering Partners

We are confident to be very competitive and are the leading SELF BUNDED TANK supplier globally.

We are experts in designing any size fuel farm, from drawing for civil and constructing work to the end at commissioning the site.

Equipment Standards and Quality

Our Self Bunded Diesel Storage Tanks are Manufactured from CORTEN Steel (BS700MC/FQ5.0)

  • Exceptional welding capabilities
  • Designed to fit on shipping container footprint
  • Our Diesel Storage Tanks are painted with marine paintfor corrosion protection
  • Overfill Protection (manual and electronic)
  • All our Diesel Storage Tanks comes Standard with  anti syphon valve

Products are quality tested before leaving QHC factory

  • The Diesel Storage Tanks are vacuum tested on arrival in South Africa

Tanks have all the required international approvals

  • UL 142 USA

Manufacturer provides 5 Year Warranty on steel structure

Paint Warranty under normal conditions 3 years

Diesel Storage Tanks

UL 142 USA Approval Certification on tanks

UL 142 USA Approval Certification on tanks

UL 142 USA Approval  Certification

UL 142 USA Approval  Certification


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Tel:  +27 11 (0) 658 0165
Cell: +27 82 768 3327

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